Amy’s Down 50 Pounds and Counting. What’s in Store for 2018?

I’ve been trying for years to lose weight but trying isn’t good enough.


I had to sweat. I had to ask for help.  I had to eat right.  I had to get a good night sleep.  I had to be mindful.  I had to strive for work-life balance.

Why wouldn’t I surrender and give up my unhealthy habits and realize that there wasn’t a magic pill before?  I don’t know.

Looking back, I feel that I was holding out hope that I could just get maximum results with minimum effort much like the get rich quick mentality.  Also, with my BIG smile and the right clothing, I didn’t really look that much overweight, just curvy.

But, I was — 215 pounds at my peak.  70 more pounds than what’s recommended for a woman of my height.

And, I had excuses galore — injuries, steroids, stress, building my business, gaining muscle, etc.  I’d give this diet thing (generally some fad or quick fix) a go every six months or so and just rebound back and often with extra pounds to boot usually.

Amy's Weight 2013 through 2018

So, what was my “aha” moment which triggered my positive changes?

For me, it was a few things.

  • Joining a training group to run a half marathon and learning that I actually enjoyed running.  Hearing “Yes you can!” and “See you at the next race!” kept me engaged and focused on continual strengthening.  (Notice that I said strengthening…not getting faster.  Being fast is not the end all be all for me.  Once I have a solid foundation of strong muscles and joints to support the impact from extra speed, I can work on that.)

My First Training Group

  • Being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis which culminated in 2 hospital stays (first one was 4 days long and the second 6 days long) which forced me to look at how I was living my life.  After the second hospital stay with severe inflammation, my GI doctor begged me to work on my weight and adjusting my lifestyle, which I began doing.

One of my stints in the hospital

  • The camera does add 15 pounds.  I started a video blog for my business While editing the videos, I resolved to lose weight so I wouldn’t have to worry about angles to hide my double chin.


  • As part of my role as Winter Park Chamber Ambassador, I am paired with new members so they can maximize their opportunities to connect with other members and grow their business.  Last summer, one of the new members was Orlando IV Lounge located on North Park Avenue.  After visiting them, I was impressed by their great customer service and sleek facility so I purchased some B12 shots, which then led to me trying their 26 day program.  During that period, I lost over 20 pounds, which kickstarted my progress to date.

Winter Park Chamber Ambassador

  • Tracking metrics by logging my food, recording my weight and measurements, and plugging in my workouts.  So far, I’ve logged in for over 185 days now on MyFitnessPal.  That’s quite a streak if I do say so myself.  My handle is @zingzapper there if you’d like to connect.

fitness journal

  • Surrounding myself with positive and like-minded people.  What are you doing in the baby aisle if you don’t have to get diapers and don’t have a baby?  I heard that saying a long time ago and it rang true to me.  Well…what am I doing out until 2 am drinking and singing karaoke in a smoke-filled bar if I want to be healthy and lose weight? It’s okay to do things like that from time to time (perhaps someone’s birthday), but, my body needs fuel — primarily water and rest.  And, activities like that are not helping me to get sleep or hydrate my body.  Quite the opposite. Having like minded people who truly care and are encouraging me to be healthy has been instrumental in my success.

Where's Amy?

Of course, there’s much more.  In short, the good news is that I’ve changed now and continue to evolve.  I REFUSE to say before and after….I’m a work in progress.  This is a lifestyle change.

Why am I sharing this especially on what’s supposed to be my cooking blog?  Well…I’ve realized that I now have a gift.  I’ve received the gift of health that I can share with others.

I want to also show that you can be an entrepreneur, good partner, active community  member, and take care of yourself.  In fact, it’s helped me to be more effective.

In 2018, here on Amy’s Apron, I’m going to be not only vulnerable but also generous with the information I’ve gleaned through my journey so far.

In my next post, I’ll share how I prepare my amazing shakable salads for the week.  And, throughout the coming weeks, I intend to share other tips and recipes.

Until then, remember that you are worth it.




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  1. Wow, what a great story. I’m sure this has inspired many people. We all have some type of struggle to deal with and your story of “doing things on purpose” will hopefully encourage others to get active and create a positive change. You’re right – we are worth it!!!!

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