Prepping Mess Free Shaker Salads

I work in a 1920’s building where my office is located on the second floor.  There’s great number of creature comforts you exchange for the exposed brick vibe and convenience of being on “The Avenue.”  Two of those items are: no dishwasher and limited hot water due to not being able to have a full hot water heater and other appliances due to pull on our electrical set-up, which would be quite the hassle to fix.  Our hot water is enough to wash the day’s coffee cups, some spoons, and a couple dishes each day, but, not much more.

After toting my dirty dishes home each day and sometimes forgetting in my car (yuck), I was watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Yes. I know.  But, I do actually get ideas for my businesses as well as style inspiration PLUS Khloe Kardashian’s healthy transformation has been a source of motivation for me.

But, what does that show have to do with dirty dishes and salads?  Well, I notice over time that they are ALWAYS eating salads and I start googling and realize that I could do the same thing.


Without delay and while still watching the show, I get on Amazon to find the bowls they use.  Of course, the sponsored ad for Kardashian salad bowls is for nearly $60.00 bowls but I found these MUCH MORE ECONOMICAL bowls as well as compote containers.


Prepping these salads have been a lifesaver for me.  You can use whatever ingredients you’d like.  However, the general rules are put the heaviest ingredients at the bottom and then your lettuce on top.

You can use whatever dressing you’d like when ready to eat the salad.  One compote container of dressing will be plenty once you shake up your salad.  I personally use mostly apple cider vinegar with a dash of MCT oil with seasonings for my Italian dressing, but, it’s entirely up to you.

And, those around you will have “salad envy” and wonder even where you bought your salads as they look professionally made as they should.  Once you come up with your go-to salad recipes, add the ingredients as a recipe in MyFitnessPal for easy logging.

I’ve demonstrated how easy it is in this video.  Happy salad prepping!

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