Are you ready for some football?

Looking for an easy to serve, yummy dessert for your superbowl fans? I’m going to a superbowl party this weekend. So, tonight I asked myself the age old question — what am I going to bring?

I could do spicy chicken dip, but I always end up being one of three chicken dips. After much deliberation, I decided I’m going to bring dessert. Seeing as I’m still on light duty and shouldn’t cook or bake, I went to publix and pitched my idea. Take a dozen or two or three cupcakes, place them on a tray in the shape of a football, and slather with brown frosting with some white frosting threads. Voilà! You have a pull apart treat for all to enjoy.

After arriving home this evening, I discovered much to my dismay that I’m not the first person to do this. Here is one great step-by-step guide I found on YouTube. Happy baking!

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