Diet isn’t a dirty word

As many of my friends know, I lost about 45 pounds last year. Landing about 150 pounds in August on my 5’9″ skeleton; not really a super skinny weight, but for me I was happy and healthy. It was great to fit comfortably into size 8 jeans and size 6 dresses after wearing double digit sized clothing for many years. In late October, my new warddrobe started fitting tight until I could no longer fit my cute pencil skirts by the early December. Not much had changed, I was eating healthy, mostly organic, and closely monitoring my carbs — consuming about 1500-1800 calories a day and working about about 4 to 6 times a week.

By chance, I met Dr. Harding at in event in November and then in December, I had a full day physical which identified a host of issues working against me including an under-active thyroid. After 2 months of extra supplements, my blood work and energy levels have improved, but my body is still “fighting” me making it really hard to maintain or lose weight. I have added a number of more supplements and doubled many of the others I’m taking (e.g., iodine, B12). I have a cruise I’m taking in April and I’m determine to re-lose the 15 pounds I’ve gained plus a little extra for good luck. Without being able to do 1000 calorie workouts because of my car accident, I have to focus heavily on my diet.

I’m sharing this because my blog is going to be focused on more low-carb, high-protein choices which I’ll be consuming while I work vigoriously to make and stay at my goal once and for all.

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