Beaching it – crab legs and pesto pasta. 

About a month ago, our friends Nathan and Michelle helped us move and reorganized an entire floor of our home after we moved in. It made it so much relaxing for us to be able to use our kitchen and stretch out in the family room. As a thank you, we planned a deep sea fishing trip. We stayed in Cocoa Beach so we could spend a weekend  savoring the ocean air.

After fishing all day, we sought seafood but came up empty handed after fishing the whole day. Thankfully, Publix had crab legs on sale. For a quiet night in, we started the night with wine and cheese.

Then we dived into the legs and Prato pasta.

I used a large glass bowl filled one-third of the way with water. I placed four clusters at a time and microwaved for six minutes.

I served with extra bowls for the lemon and seasoned butter. We had Tajin from Mexico to mix with the melted butter. It was a huge hit!

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