Veggie Scrambled Eggs + Watermelon = Post 5k Awesomeness

It’s been a week since Track Shack’s awesome Watermelon 5k.  After jogging the beautiful 3.1 mile Winter Park course, I was selected to chow down on some watermelon.  I took first for the ladies!

While the watermelon was great, I needed some protein.  So I diced up some mushrooms, a jalapeno pepper, some broccoli, and some onion.  I cooked it until soft.

  This is where my peppers come from.

I then whisked 1/3 cup of egg white with one whole egg.  I poured that over the vegetables and cooked on medium heat until it was just a little runny on top.  I sprinkled some goat cheese on top and gently mixed together.

I also made a side of tomatoes, hearts of palm, and basil.

  Voila!  Eggs, side salad, some raspberries and bacon.  Yummy!

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