Italian Turkey Zoodles with Tomato Mushroom Sauce 

5 healthy lunches for $13? Yes. It’s possible. 

Go to Aldi’s and buy one container sliced mushrooms, two pints cherry tomatoes, one package Italian turkey sausage, four zucchinis (comes in a pack for $1.79), one cup water, some seasonings (use what you have in your cupboard) and one cup chicken bone broth (I buy the sippable kind of bone broth in bulk.) 

Cook sausage according to package instructions and put one in each container when finished cooking. (I got the containers from Costco but I’ve heard of people getting from Amazon.)

While sausage is cooking make your zoodles. I used four zucchinis and used my kitchenaid spiralizer attachment. 

Use that pan to cook mushrooms. Add 8 oz chicken bone broth and 8 oz water to deglaze pan. Add minced onion, garlic powder and Italian seasonings and cook until soft. Probably a teaspoon of each. Add two pints cherry tomatoes and cover until tomatoes start to pop. Then mash the tomatoes a little bit. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Split up the zoodles among containers and then portion the sauce over the zoodles.

I covered each and left on the counter for a half hour to let the sauce steam and soften the zucchini. 

When you eat during the week, microwave for about a minute and half depending on your wattage. 


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