Poached basil chili shrimp ramen with edamame and kohlrabi

Friday nights are always a celebration.  I tend to make whatever I’m craving within reason.


That night, I wanted to use some of my brown rice ramen from Costco.  My garden was bursting with fresh basil and I still had a few Florida Royal Red shrimp.  Earlier in the week, I had also discovered that Publix has a new line of heat and eat root vegetables including kohlrabi.  I just had to buy it, but I had no idea at the time how I was going to use it in a dish.

After considering how those four ingredients (ramen, basil, shrimp and kohlrabi) much like a contestant on Chopped would make a dish, I decided that edamame and chili sauce would go with the Asian theme and I would make a ramen dish.

To prepare, I would poach the shrimp (the star of the dish) to keep them soft and succulent.

So, here is how it all came together.


2 ramen squares (I used brown rice ramen)

1 or so dozen shrimp (I used Royal Red shrimp)

2 tablespoons pickling spice

1 cup shelled edamame

1/4 cup garlic chili pepper sauce

2 tablespoons diced basil

1 package of kohlrabi

Red pepper flakes to tast


Begin boiling large pot of water for the ramen and cook according to instructions.  Drain and put aside.

Prepare dutch oven filled 3/4 of the way with pickling spice mixed with water; bring to boil and add shrimp.

Turn off heat and cover.  Allow to poach for 10 minutes.  Drain and toss with chili sauce.

Use the hot water from cooking ramen to cook kohlrabi.

Microwave edamame and chop basil while this is cooking.

Using ramen as base, place shrimp, edamame, kohlrabi, red pepper flakes, and basil on top.  Drizzle with sesame or olive oil and season with salt as needed.

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