Poussin with roasted sweet potatoes and rainbow carrots 

What’s the best part of living in Winter Park?  The Farmers’ Market of course!  I go there at least Saturdays a month with Duke the Whippet.  #DukeWhippet

A few weeks ago (when I made this), my husband and I had planned a trip to our in-law’s house.  Those who know me know that rarely go empty handed especially if I’ve invited myself for a meal.  I’ll bring the grub or at least part of it.

On this day, I was looking for something I could roast so I wouldn’t be stuck in the kitchen but would be ready in less than an hour.  Lake Meadows Naturals recommended three poussins (young chickens) for four people.  I found some rainbow carrots and sweet potatoes at a produce stand there too.

To prepare, I butterflied the poussins and laid on top of onion slices on the roasting pan.  I seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and chopped fresh sage.  I drizzled with olive oil.

I utilized the garlic powder, salt and pepper for the chopped potatoes and carrots but also added some cayenne pepper (be careful how much you use) on the potatoes.

Bake for 25-30 minutes at 375 degrees. Voila!

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